Do wedding venues have payment plans? Love the way we work…

Navigating the journey to marital commitment can be as intricate as the lace on a bridal gown. The path is strewn with choices, and one critical decision is the financial commitment a wedding venue entails. In a world where the cost of ‘happily ever after’ can be daunting, Kimo Estate stands out in Rural NSW as a beacon of financial sensibility and country wedding elegance.

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The Allure of Kimo Estate

Imagine a place where the clock slows down, where the weekend is yours and only yours, dedicated to celebrating your union. Kimo Estate isn’t just a wedding venue; it’s a weekend getaway set against a tapestry of stunning landscapes. The historic grain shed, bathed in the soft glow of candlelight, becomes a space where modern elegance dances with rustic charm. Our full-service approach means that from the moment you step into our garden, which sprawls across three acres around a grand country homestead, every detail is meticulously woven into the fabric of your special day.

A Payment Plan as Unique as Your Wedding

Where most wedding venues require hefty upfront costs, Kimo Estate understands the value of flexibility. Our payment structure is designed to ease the burden on your bank account, allowing you to savour the anticipation of your wedding, not dread it. With a modest deposit, a clear timeline for venue fee payments, and the final catering costs aligned with your confirmed guest list, financial stress is one less unwelcome guest at your celebration.

The Homestead: Culinary Delight Meets Rustic Elegance

As we continually strive to enhance the Kimo Estate experience, we are thrilled to introduce “The Homestead” — our very own restaurant slated to open in late 2024. Envisioned as a haven of gastronomic delight, it will serve as a testament to our paddock-to-plate philosophy. This new venture is poised to complement the bucolic charm of Kimo Estate, offering a dining experience that mirrors the authenticity and simplicity of country living.

A Picture-Perfect Wedding Venue Backdrop

Kimo Homestead
The Grain Shed is 115 years old
Country Wedding Reception Venue in Gundagai at Kimo Estate
and fully lit by candle light

Each photograph is a vignette capturing the quintessence of Kimo Estate — the serene landscape, the intimate moments, and the joyous celebrations. These aren’t just pictures; they are promises of the memories you will create here.

An Invitation to Your Future Wedding Venue

If the journey to saying ‘I do’ feels overwhelming, let Kimo Estate be your sanctuary. Here, the only concern will be how many stars you can count in the clear night sky. We invite you to step away from the city’s hustle, to a place where your wedding dreams can unfold with grace and ease.

Come, book an inspection with our wedding coordinator. Let’s start planning not just a wedding, but an experience that will be etched in your hearts forever.

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