The Wood Heaters in our Cottages

Our Wood Heaters in our Cottages

Step 1 – Light the firelighters and get s flame 🔥

Step 2 – Add some logs and leave the door open a little bit for s few minutes.

Step 3 – Close the door tight and set the air intake sllider.

The Wood Heaters in our Huts and Shearer’s Quarters

Our Hut and Shearers Quarters Wood Heaters

Step 1 – add a couple of logs, then light, the firelighter and close the door without sniffing it.

Step 2 – let the fire get going. Once it’s going pretty well, then close the door and open the slide.

Step 3 – just before you get to your desired heat, you can turn the slide down.

Wood Heater Safety Tips

Be careful when opening the heater door – Coals can fall out – Open the door slowly and limit what falls out to the shelf under the door.

You’d like to think it was obvious but the glass is hot, don’t touch that.

If a coal falls on the floor quickly pop it back on the hearth with whatever you can find (poker, your shoe, shovel or fire brush) so it doesn’t burn the floor.

Door Stays Shut unless adding more wood, never leave an open fire door unattended.