owner David Ferguson in the cattle yards

Our Commitment to Sustainable Farming

At Kimo Estate, we hold a deep responsibility for the future of Australia, and our commitment to sustainable farming echoes in every aspect of our operations. We firmly believe that our stewardship of the land contributes to a cleaner and more vibrant future for generations to come that includes farming.

Carbon Neutrality & Environmental Contributions

As part of the red meat sector, we’ve pledged to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. Our dedication to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, implementing improved on-farm husbandry practices, and fostering carbon storage in vegetation and soils is unwavering. We take immense pride in the 57% reduction of net GHG emissions from red meat production since 2005, leading the charge in Australia’s economic sectors.

The Green Symphony: Tree Planting & Regeneration

For the past two decades, our Tree Planting project has been transforming eroded areas. Through the planting of native trees and shrubs, we’ve “locked up” 57 acres of our farm to create vital reserves for native animals and birds. Witnessing these areas bloom into vibrant habitats provides a great sense of achievement and reinforces our commitment to conservation of our land and the native animals on it.

Sustainable Farming: Revolutionising Grazing & Direct Drilling

Our rotational grazing program and direct drilling of crops are cornerstones of our sustainable small cropping plan. Embracing these practices not only nourishes our farm animals with essential nutrients but also maintains the health of grass and soil. With rotational grazing, we retain carbon in the ground, reducing emissions and promoting soil health.

Nitrogen-Fixing Crops & Soil Fertility

Lucerne and Clover crops play a pivotal role in our nitrogen-fixing crop rotation. These legumes contribute to soil fertility and provide essential stock feed and also silage and hay for leaner years. Their multiple benefits include, retaining soil moisture, enhanced weed management, and attracting valuable pollinators. Our commitment to the long-term health of our animals and land drives us to nurture these crucial grasses.

Supporting Innovation & Research

Kimo Estate proudly collaborates with Charles Sturt University to champion new methods of landcare. One such groundbreaking initiative is the Dung Beetle Project, where these remarkable beetles transform livestock dung into a multi-million-dollar benefit for producers. The project not only enhances soil health but also reduces fly and parasite numbers, showcasing nature’s prowess in sustainable land management. We commit to continually investigating new partnerships to study farming practices that can improve both efficiency and stewardship of our land.

Farmers as Environmental Pioneers

Farmers like us are part of the solution to combat emissions and drive positive change and continue the great work that’s already been done in Australian Agriculture. Our passion for our land drives us to embrace these practices, not only for the sake of our beautiful landscapes but also for the bottom line of our family business. With each conscious effort, we sow seeds of a better tomorrow, where harmony between agriculture and nature becomes the cornerstone of progress.

At Kimo Estate, we take pride in cultivating a legacy of sustainability, where love for the land intertwines with practicality and innovation, it’s the only way real change can happen. Our journey towards our future is a testament to the power of collective efforts, together, we sow the seeds of change, for our future generations.

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