The History of Flash Jacks Gundagai, Convent, School and now a new Boutique Hotel

“The Convent of Mercy at Gundagai was solemnly blessed and formally opened by the Bishop of Goulburn” Sydney Morning Herald 1890. From a school full of nuns to Luxurious Boutique Hotel

The garden at flash jacks boutique accommodation in Gundagai NSW


Building began on a convent for the Sisters of Mercy in Gundagai in 1888. The architect was instructed to use the famous Rippon Lea as inspiration for the grand red brick building. The opening was attended by 1000 guests. For years it operated as a Catholic school and “the school house” building you see as you drive in was added for that purpose. St Stanislaus, as it was known, operated until 1979 as a school with several rooms in the house converted for that purpose. Room one was the music school, rooms two and three were the site of a play shelter before they were filled in and added as rooms. You can still see the worn step leading into room four which has had thousands upon thousands of little feet wearing it down.

Decline of an Icon

After 1979 and through to the late 80’s it housed the priest for the church, occupying the whole first floor, with the nuns downstairs and in the (now) ensuites for rooms two and three. Room eight was the old chapel and even had a pulpit in it when renovations for Flash Jacks began. Soon after it fell into a state of disrepair, or maybe even a state of could have been repaired but wasn’t.

A new lease of life for this Grand Building

After a decade of abandonment it was bought and lovingly restored by Brian and Jan Tozer. Who even removed and replaced every brick on the Bay window of room five. They even numbered the bricks so they could be put back in the correct order. It is them who can be praised for this building even standing today, without them it would be a pile of beautiful bricks by now. Upon completion in 2003 they began to run “Lanigan Abbey” (named after the bishop who opened it), as a BnB. For 17 years they worked hard in the gardens, with an art gallery in the school house, and cared for this beautiful old building before it became too much for them in their old age.

New Owners and a new vision for Luxury Boutique Hotel in Gundagai

In 2019, the team at Kimo Estate, led by David Ferguson and his wife Emelia, acquired the property and began plans for a boutique hotel named subsequently named Flash Jacks. Flash Jack was in reference to a Banjo Patterson Poem (and song) about a well known shearer from Gundagai. The Ferguson’s, known for their passion for history and the successful operation of Kimo Estate, brought a new vision to the building. They renovated it while preserving its historical essence, turning it into a luxurious accommodation option that commands fine district views and offers a unique stay experience in Gundagai.

Windies Cottage is a Perfectly Lovely Little Country Retreat

Welcome to Windies Cottage at Kimo Estate in Gundagai. Our delightful two-bedroom accommodation once served as the accountant’s residence on the farm. Lovingly renovated to preserve its old-world charm while exuding contemporary comfort, Windies beckons you to unwind and soak in the farm’s serene symphony.

With two bedrooms and an inviting day bed, Windies graciously accommodates up to 5 people, ensuring ample space for you and your loved ones