Bonny and Woody, wedding, wheelbarrows, laughter and love ever after.

We love getting the wedding photographs sent to us, so many we see in real time but in the busyness of the day, we miss all the detail. Good wedding photographers like Corrina and Dylan never miss those significant details in particular.

With the bridal party enjoying the process of getting ready onsite, it also allows the photographer to waste no time at all. Time spent equally between the Bride and her maids and the Groom and his Boys in the shearers quarters. Take time to scroll though these beautiful photos of Bonny and Woody, I think they are terrific and I’m sure Bonny and Woody are thrilled with them too. They have captured the whole day from start to finish particularly well….

Sheep at Kimo Estate
perfect for bridal parties
Groom ready for ceremony
Wedding dress hanging in accommodation
the girls getting ready for the wedding
dog getting patted by the bridesmaids
Bride doing the finishing touches
Blue sky for wedding day
Autumn wedding
The homestead ceremony location
Wedding guests mill around the homestead before the ceremony
Wedding flowers on the arbour
Dad crying at the ceremony
Here comes the bride at the ceremony
Bride and groom saying "I do"
Dogs at the wedding ceremony
Wedding guests
The beautiful country homestead wedding ceremony
Bride and Groom
Walking in to the wedding reception
A couple kissing in the barn Wedding venue.
couple walking up a track on their wedding day, beginning their new life as husband and wife
couple walking across a hill on their wedding day. A beautiful country scene in the background
couple walking up a hill on their wedding day. A beautiful country scene in the background
couple walking across a hill on their wedding day. Detailed shot up close
a beautiful golden scene at sunset of a bride and groom, hand in hand on their wedding day
Bride and groom silhouetted against a beautiful sunset
wedding couple holding hands walking up a dirt track in the country. Beautiful rolling hills in the background
close up of grass bathed in golden sunlight
Bride and groom standing proudly in front of an a-frame cabin
A nice close up portrait of the groom beaming with happiness
bridal couple on the horizon with a big purple sky
bridal couple on the horizon with a big purple sky close up
The groom wheels in the bride in a wheelbarrow
New husband and wife standing at the head bridal table at their wedding reception
The Grain shed in the twilight serves as the wedding reception venue
A huge barn Wedding Reception Venue with linen draping from the beams. The room is candlelit and theres two long tables of wedding guests
the bride applauding a speech by her bridesmaid
A huge bonfire roars with flame and wedding guests standing around its warmth. The grain shed in the background
Groom tipping his hat at night standing in front of the roaring bonfire
The bride looks embarrassed and is laughing at the behaviour of her dear friends at the wedding reception, guests are dancing

Wedding Photography by Corrine and Dylan

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