Sustainable Farming for Future Generations

Beautiful farmland

Nurturing Nature: Sustainable Stewardship at Kimo Estate

At Kimo Estate, we proudly embrace sustainable farming practices, ensuring that every heartbeat of our farm nurtures nature’s heart. From the moment you arrive, you’ll be immersed in a that environment that seamlessly integrates into your visit.

Reconnecting with the Land: Rotational Grazing & Soil Enrichment

Our commitment to the land begins with rotational grazing, a practice that allows our pastures to regenerate naturally. By giving the land periods of rest between grazing, we promote soil biodiversity, leading to healthier soils and a thriving ecosystem. To further reduce our impact to our soils we employ direct drilling of pastures and crops, encouraging carbon storage in the soil and thus better soil to grow more grass. Furthermore it allows us to use less fuel in our tractors and less soil disturbance and impaction.

Nature-Integrated Accommodations

From the Eco Huts to the cottages, our accommodations are designed to immerse you in the beauty of nature. Locally sourced, sustainable timber is lovingly used in the construction, ensuring each new building exudes the warmth of nature’s embrace. As you step onto your verandah, the enchanting landscapes and native gardens unfold before you, creating a seamless harmony between the indoors and the great outdoors.

Recycling & Tree Planting Programs

We believe in leaving a legacy to our children and grandchildren. Our commitment to Salvaging and repurposing old building materials into new projects adds a unique touch of history, inviting you to embrace the warmth of worn timbers and weathered corrugated iron. Additionally, our annual planting of around 700 trees helps heal scarred erosion areas, combat salinity, and enhance the overall beauty of our property. We’ve also dedicated ourselves to native garden planting at our new

, with plans to implement at our established gardens. Thus inviting native birds and the ever important bees to thrive at Kimo.

A Simple Ask: Respect and Enjoy the Environment

At Kimo Estate, we invite all guests to become stewards of the land. A simple ask, but a great responsibility. By respecting the environment around them, guests contribute to the preservation of this cherished land. In the act of enjoyment, they create cherished memories while forging a connection with nature that will endure long after their departure.