Renovations, new builds, ready for a big finish in 2024

We have been busy preparing for our new Renovations and projects. We have had both a sluggish start to the year in some respects and a busy one in others.

Our hut sites are all ready to go and the water infrastructure is now in the ground. We have our DA nearing completion to submit for those, just a few finishing touches and we’re good to go. Fingers crossed we have all the boxes ticked for the council because those delays are the worst to stomach.

Our catering business for our weddings has begun with this autumn run of weddings. Issy and the team have done a great job of getting that up and running. The time pressure to get that going was pretty tight so that has been our primary focus. Currently operating out of a leased space in town, now we begin the process of making room at the homestead. This will form the basis of our restaurant.

The old part of Kimo receives a coat of paint undergoing renovations
The front of the Homestead looking sharp with a fresh coat of paint

Homestead Renovations

The old timber part of the homestead has had a slight facelift and we hope to have the front of it completed in the next couple of weeks. We’ve had to build some new homes for our linen room and laundry before we get into the nuts and bolts of it. That work is now nearing completion. We can really dig in preparing the internal rooms for the transformation into a restaurant.

Tree Planting

We have been working on a tree planting program that we hope to launch in the coming weeks. Giving guests the opportunity to donate trees, alongside Kimo Estate to begin an extensive paddock tree program which will transform the long term look and health of the place. We hope to plant trees in every paddock on the property to help replace the very old trees that are nearing the end of their natural lives.

Ecologically this will mean wonders for native birds, reptiles and marsupials and provide corridors and micro-climates that will add to the biodiversity of the farm. It will also continue the work we have been doing over the last 10 years on erosion areas. Just as importantly it will also provide shade and shelter for the farm animals. We’re very excited about this as it has been a long time in the planning.

our new tree planting program at Kimo Estate
Some of the old trees on Kimo are nearing the end of their life

We expect the next three or four months will provide a huge transformation for Kimo that will set up the program for the next 10 years and continue the amazing work that we have been doing over the last 10.