These rules are not meant to be “shake your finger” sort of rules, however this is a working farm and as such your personal safety, our bio security and the safety of our animals is paramount. Please read through these and understand them. Farmer Dave does like you to follow these….

1. For your safety Guests are not permitted in the sheds and yards at any time – we have harsh chemicals, sharp objects and dangerous machinery. Animals (cattle <800kg, Sheep <100kg) in the yards can be very dangerous, especially to Small people. Children should be under your supervision at all times and especially given this rule. What might look like a fun place to play could be lethal.

2. Please, please, please leave gates how you found them. – Animals can die if not. “leave open gates open” and “leave closed gates closed”. Thankyou.

3. Farm animals are not pets – Sheep and cattle are generally harmless however can get protective of their young. Please stay away from their young as they can also abandon their young if disturbed and the calf/lamb may die if abandoned. Farm Dogs should also be left alone some are not used to children and consider children beneath them, watch their amazing work by all means.

4. No Vehicles in the paddocks – We’re happy for you to go for a walk (see point number 2) but please no driving around the paddocks.

5. Walking around the paddocks – Please use the walking tracks that we have mapped out for you. Please stay off our crops, our laneways are ideal for walking as are our vehicle tracks. We’re happy for you to go for a walk up the hill (cottages and shearers) or down to the river (if you’re staying in a hut. I’d suggest staying within sight of your accommodation so you don’t get lost and aim to get back way before dark. Please don’t stray into our Neighbours properties, they don’t like it much.

6. Fires and fire season – NO OUTDOOR FIRES

In the Colder Months – No fires outside the designated areas (wood heaters, hot tub). Moreover The general rule is if the grass will burn (dry, brown) then there’s no fires in the designated outdoor area’s either (that includes the hot tub).

Bushfires are horrible and we don’t want to cause one. If you see a fire in the summer please call 000 to report it.

7. Snakes – In summer this is number one. Summer in Australia means snakes. Please don’t be alarmed, by all means go for a walk but please be sensible. Wear solid footwear outside (not thongs) stay out of long grass, stick to tracks and look where you are walking over the warmer months. If you see a snake, leave it alone, keep your distance and let it pass. I will be just as scared of you as you are of it. All snake bites must be treated as potentially life-threatening. If you are bitten by a snake, lie down and remain calm, call triple zero (000) or (112) for an ambulance. Probably should bone up on it anyway…

8. Bugs – During the summer months and a day or two before rain is due there can be an explosion in numbers of midgees and other bugs that areatrracted to light. Be careful to keep doors and flyscreens shut and turn off lights (especially outside) that are not in use. We get them at the homestead too and undertake the same precautions to bet the little buggers. Welcome to the country.

9. Beds and Linen – Please only use the number of beds that you need. We have had instances of 4 people using 6 beds (god knows why) but be aware that if an inordinately unresonable amout of beds are used there will be an excess charge of $30 per extra bed.

10. Care of our Accommodation – We love our little buildings and we hope you do too. Please place rubbishg in the bins provided, pop stuff roughly back where it was (esp. games, etc.). We love guests that treat our place like their own (or better ;). The huts are obviosly off grid so please respect water usage especially and power usage too. Please also turn off any heaters or airconditioners when you depart.

11. WiFi – The Shearers Quarters and the Cottages are equipped with wifi. There is no password. Data is unlimited.

Please report any outages to our staff and don’t try to reset anything aside from “the old off and on trick”, the system is pretty unique and unlike any other you may have encountered.

Mini Bar – Prices listed in this guide, they are not complimentary. All are locally produced. We will deduct anything consumed from your security deposit.