Three New Off Grid Huts at Kimo Estate so now more people can enjoy nature.

Over the last few weeks we have been doing some civil works at Kimo Estate for our three new off grid huts. Building roads and pads for the new huts has been done first this time (we learnt our lesson).

three new huts are coming soon on these building sites
Two of the new hut sites and the Communal BBQ area with interconnecting roads

There’s been a fair bit of activity with diggers, rollers, truck and bobcats and fair to say the tracks look terrific. These huts will be further into the property so we will have to think about it pretty seriously so guests don’t get lost.

The huts are the same fantastic design (with a few site specific modifications), they will all have terrific views as they are sitting on sites that have been picked for their outlooks. The showers will look out over the property and maintain the privacy required. They will also be at lower pricepoint because they will not have hot tubs which are very labor and cost intensive, however all our guests will be able to access the pool at the homestead which we hope to have open to guests by the spring.

One of the hut sites

We hope to be building in May and expect that we may have these three available to book in late spring or early summer. We will be keeping updates coming on our social media platforms as we progress. Most of this work doesn’t look very appealing to some people but for me it’s the fun stuff. 3km of road, 1.5 km of pipes, 2 30,000L tanks and 1km of fencing.

We will be adding a few features the the area around these three new off grid huts (we still haven’t decided on the name for them), the site will include a stargazing platform and the communal BBQ area will be a great place to hang out, maybe even with a fire pit if we can work out how to prevent you guys from using a months wood in a night!