Love, sweat and tears goes into this Gundagai Accommodation

The story of its cottages and shearers quarters is a testament to the Ferguson family‘s vision and dedication to preserving the past while embracing the future of this unique Gundagai Accommodation.

cottage accommodation Gundagai
Windies Cottage

A Rich History Embedded in Walls and Wood

Built around 1900, the two cottages, Windies and Daleys, carry within them stories of a bygone era. Windies, once the farm accountant’s cottage, had fallen into disrepair, with sheep wandering through its broken walls. Daleys, named after the Daley family whose legacy continues with Laura Daley’s involvement in the accommodation business, maintained a better condition through the years, standing as a silent witness to the evolution of Kimo Estate.

The Spark of Rejuvenation

The inspiration to restore these buildings stemmed from a desire to create a new revenue stream and allow city dwellers to immerse themselves in the authentic country life. David and Emelia Ferguson, alongside the skilled hands of retired carpenter John Sweeney, embarked on a mission to breathe new life into these structures. The transformation of the shearers quarters followed, preserving its historical essence while adapting it for modern use.

Preserving the Victorian Charm

In restoring the cottages, the Fergusons meticulously preserved their Victorian character. Every brush stroke and polished board was a step towards reviving their old-world charm, complemented by stylish country furnishings. The shearers quarters, a quintessential structure of the 1940s or ’50s, received a modern touch with a wrap-around deck, enhancing its rustic appeal.

Overcoming Challenges with Heart and Hard Work

The rejuvenation journey was marked by challenges, from Windies’ leaning structure corrected with a farm tractor to brittle timber that needed replacing. These physical challenges were met with the family’s unwavering spirit, as Emelia, with a child on her back, joined in the hands-on renovation work, driven by a modest budget but an enormous heart.

Sustainability and Sentimentality

Recycled materials found new purpose in the renovation, embodying the estate’s commitment to sustainability. Decorative elements, rich in history and sentiment, were sourced from the farm itself, adding unique character to each space.

shearers quarters that have been renovated to provide groups and large families with farm stay accommodation near Gundagai NSW

Touchstones of History

Each cottage tells its own story: Daleys with its floor worn by a sewing machine’s constant rhythm, Windies with its pull-chain toilet and the Shearer’s Quarters ironbark details sourced from sheep yards. These are not just accommodations; they are living museums, echoing the past.

Immersed in Nature and Farm Life

Situated amidst the bustling activities of a working farm, cottages and shearers quarters guests of this Gundagai Accommodation experience life in its most authentic form. From witnessing sheepdogs at work to enjoying the tranquil beauty of nearby nature reserves, every moment is an intimate connection with the land.

Community and Future Endeavors

The community’s support has been pivotal in Kimo Estate’s success, recognising its role in attracting visitors and enhancing local business. Looking ahead, the renovation of the homestead into a restaurant and luxury Gundagai accommodation marks the next chapter in Kimo Estate’s story, promising to restore its status as the jewel of the estate.

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